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wholesale Clear PVC Film - zhuyilong - 13-03-2020

pvc super clear film
The pvc super clear film has variety applications such as use as table protector for wooden table, protect the fabric table  cloth, furniture wrap film, rain coat film, door curtain, window film. It is super clear, you can see through the film clearly, it is elegant for decorating your home and commercial feature with easy wipe by  a cloth or sponge.
We are your best table cloth partner!
Specificationboth in roll and read-made,different sizes
and color are available for selection
Thicknessfrom 0.06mm to 2.2mm.
Non-woven / flannel backing30 to 50g/m2
Max. width72"(1.83meters)
Packaginga) Rolls: with paper core inside & with PP/PVC film outside.
b) Readymades: each piece with insert card in one
PE/PVC bag, many pcs in one carton.
Pattern    We can offer over 900 designs for selection.
MOQ2000 Meters/2 Tons
Applicationelegant decoration and water/oil proof for table indoor
or outdoor, easy clean and easy dry,non-toxic,eco-friendly.wholesale Clear PVC Film